Bruce Willis decided to change the place of residence

Bruce Willis decided to change the place of residenceBruce Willis and his new wife Emma Heming has decided, apparently, to change the situation and to look for its six months until a new cozy family nest in Los Angeles.To this end, the pair visited the Carlyle Residences, a 24-storey house with exclusive apartments cost from 2.9 to $ 15 million. As they say, Bruce and Emma looked out over the flat average cost - 5, 1 million green. It has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a gym and dining rooms, and wine cellar. Source: Bruce Willis decided to change the place of residence. . . Читать полностью -->

School eraser Princess Diana auctioned

School eraser Princess Diana auctionedSchool eraser to the late Princess of Wales Diana exhibited for auction. This writes the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, June 16.The starting price was 300 pounds. Eraser 12.7 centimeters by 5 centimeters has the inscription: "For BIG mistakes". When Diana Spencer, the future first wife of Prince Charles was nine years old, she used this subject in the classroom in a private school Realsword Hall in Norfolk.Teenage Diana personally marked the eraser with the words "D. Spencer, "Diana" and "Realsword Hall". Also on the eraser has the words "caution", "bomb", "help".According to The Daily Telegraph, Princess Diana kept an eraser for many years as the memory of the school and even took him to Buckingham Palace after the marriage to Charles in 1981. Читать полностью -->

Lolita prepares for another wedding

Lolita prepares for another weddingSinger and TV presenter Lolita rumored divorced her husband businessman Alexander Zarubin, fell in love again and is preparing for another wedding.People from the inner circle of the IBA actively discussing the news of the divorce. The name of the new chosen one, which, perhaps, was the reason for parting with Zarubin, singer conceals. "Officially, we can neither confirm nor deny this information", - categorically declares a press-service of the singer "Komsomolskaya Pravda".At the time, the wedding of Lolita the IBA and businessman Alexander Zarubin was impressed by the luxury of the entire social gathering. The bridegroom, a leading senior Executive of a major company, according to rumors, has spent a Grand wedding feast in an old estate "Tsaritsyno" over a million dollars. As wrote earlier Days.Roux, Alexander from the first days of marriage conquered lolita her care about her comfort. The businessman gave the wife the office in the center of Moscow and a private jet for tours.But the singer was unable to assess such a strong caring husband and in 2007 was officially declared their intention to divorce. Читать полностью -->

Died actor Sergei Belyakovich

Died actor Sergei BelyakovichMay 31 to 56-m to year of life has died honored artist of Russia Sergei Romanovich Belyakovich. Together with his brother, Valery Belyakovich, he was one of the founders of Theatre in the South-West, reports TV channel "Culture".As noted in the obituary posted on the website of the theatre, Sergei Belyakovich, was one of three (along with Victor Avilova and older brother Valery Belyakovich) "founding fathers" of the theatre."As Avilov, he was subject to all genres. And occasionally transitions from one genre to another were so subtle and so precise that the audience didn't know whether to laugh, "grasping for tummies" or crying, beating their Breasts. So it was in the play "a Midsummer night's Dream", when the simple-minded blacksmith Basis, turned enchantments elves in comical donkey, suddenly had an Epiphany - what a happiness is when you love to see for the first time in my life, for the first time in my life realized that there is in addition to the tough everyday life of some other, unbearably beautiful world..." - written in the obituary."Sergei Belyakovich - brother of Director and artistic Director of the theater Valery Belyakovich, from the first generation of actors-the founders of the theatre. In his face we see a vivid example of the original acting talent, spontaneous, natural, powerful. Remarkable physical strength he set off some kind of balletic grace, elegance and musicality seem to have this huge men unreal. Читать полностью -->

Galkin decided to have fun in the arms of a blonde

Galkin decided to have fun in the arms of a blondeAs soon as Alla Borisovna Pugacheva went on tour, Maxim Galkin got bored and went into the arms of the blonde Inna.At a party in one of the capital's restaurants, where rested a lot of stars suddenly appeared Maxim Galkin. Guests picked up noticeably, because for anybody not a secret that max is a rare guest at such events.Parodist usually stays away from social life. However, Alla Borisovna on tour, Maxim decided not to waste time.Galkin came to hang out with friends, but while dancing to stand aside is not, and immediately rushed to the dance floor, where whirled in the hot dance masters of sports of Russia in ballroom dancing slender blonde Inna Svechnikova, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.Maxim has demonstrated a passionate tango together with Inna. Perhaps this dance Maxim he learned during his work at the student theatre of Moscow state University. Tired of dancing, Galkin exhausted fell to the floor and lay there for a few minutes, frozen in the pose of "starfish". Such "dirty dancing" from modest parodist was not expected.We can assume that when Allah will see in the Newspapers Maxim lying on the floor, she will not be happy, but if the press leaked photos hot embrace Galkina with a slender blond Diva will be furious.By the way, Alla called Maxim just in time for the party. Читать полностью -->

The Chinese will put a musical on Karl Marx

The Chinese will put a musical on Karl MarxThe fundamental work of political economy will be translated into the language of song and dance. According to The Guardian, China's plan to put a musical on "Capital" of Karl Marx.A statement from the Director he Nian (He Nian), previously placed musical film about martial arts. He intends to cross in the musical elements of Broadway shows and Las Vegas show, but strictly emphasizes that "Marx's theory cannot be distorted".It is known that the plot of the musical will tell the story of the fate of the workers of a certain company, realize that their boss is exploiting, learn the secret of surplus value and overcome the resistance of the scabs.According to The Guardian, first Capital was moved to the stage in Japan in the 1930-ies, and later Japanese statement was translated into Chinese. In 2007 the production of works of Marx undertook one German company, but the performance was not a success, despite the fact that each viewer as a gift was presented to the 23rd volume of collected works of Marx.Interest in Communist literature in connection with the crisis grew and the rest of the world. In Germany growing sales of "Capital", and in Japan a book of Marx published in comics.In addition, in Japan, returned to the bestseller list of the Marxist novel "Vessel" of 1929. However, at the same time began to sell well novel "Atlas shrugged" ideologist of capitalism Ayn Rand. Читать полностью -->

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